Company Profile

Founded by Greg Henry in 1995, XperNet Services, Inc., based in far west Houston, works on projects stretching from the southern tip of the Rio Grande Valley into Louisiana, and it's reach continues to spread.

The company was ranked by the Houston Business Journal in late 1998 in the top 25% of fastest growing small businesses in Houston.

XperNet Services
recognizes that the world of computer services is fundamentally about business growth and the ability to maintain control of business tools. Businesses no longer use computers as just a convenience; the entire functionality of their company revolves around them. Similarly, XperNet Services draws on its enterprise level expertise to deliver high quality business solutions that are consistent with our clients' present and future business plans. We listen to their needs and respond directly, honestly, and consistently. We cultivate a client's business growth by developing high-quality customized solutions, and providing them on their timetable, needs and budgets, not ours.

With a humanistic focus and a business perspective, XperNet Services delivers enterprise level solutions that include the development of computer-based infrastructures and business plans for both large and small corporations; design, rollouts, maintenance and upgrades; IT outsourcing, project management and prepaid blocks of maintenance time; experienced computer consultants to meet the myriad of needs imposed by complex software and hardware; bundled business programs; and high-quality web development solutions.

A leader in integrated system technologies since 1995, we have our eye on bringing our clients the best computer support in the market. Our success as a complete computer service company is attributable to our focus on one key word that many others too often forget - Service. Professionalism and accountability are among the values that have developed the enterprise project mindset throughout the XperNet organization. Among our many partnerships with hardware and software manufacturers, XperNet is certified as a 2001 Microsoft Certified Partner, Novell Gold Partner, Comp-TIA Partner, Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Authorized Service Provider & Reseller.
XperNet Services, Inc is also a Southwestern Bell Authorized Sales Representative and Internet Partner. Among its most popular services, the firm offers prepaid blocks of time at a discount for clients to use for maintenance of their networks or web sites. It's an affordable form of insurance that companies can "cash in" on when needed, and includes guaranteed response times in an emergency. With its goal to bring its clients the best computer support in the market, XperNet Services just keeps growing by leaps and bounds.