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Web sites have become a significant issue for most companies and a benchmark for comparison between competitors in associated industries. At this point in the web's evolution, a poorly designed site can have a more negative impact than the lack of a site altogether. Through planning, creative, and technical expertise, we provide the best solution presented in the best possible way, with intuitive interface design, smart utilization of graphics, and intelligent content.

The key to success online is remembering that the web is more of a communication than technical environment. XperNet provides both the underlying technology that is critical to the site, such as servers, production tools and bandwidth, as well as developing the communication aspects such as messaging, brand identification, and customer service.

We focus on providing our clients an effective site that targets marketing and product content on the web with intuitive modes of structuring that content and navigational schemes to ensure accessibility.

We Offer:

  • Internet / Intranet development
  • Custom programming including SQL database programming, Shopping Cart technology
  • Site (URL) Registration to Internet search engines / indexes
  • Guaranteed Compatibility with a wide variety of web browsers
  • Professional graphic design
  • Development using the latest application tools
  • JAVA, Javascript, VRML, GIF Animation, Shockwave, Flash, CGI Scripts

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For more information regarding web development services and rates contact sales@xpernet.com or call 281-392-5292.

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