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Sealy Independent School District

In an attempt to minimize costs of connecting campuses and extending educational services to the public, XperNet designed a wireless solution connecting the schools and the public library. This provided Internet connectivity outside the school environment

Austin County

XperNet Services is Austin County's exclusive PC support provider. Since 1999 with the Year 2000 project, Austin County has experienced the quality, savings, and Return On Investment that all XperNet Clients enjoy today.

Air Liquide America Corporation

XperNet Services began operation in 1995 with a partnership with air Liquide America Corporation. The principals of XperNet managed the two-year rollout of new trechnology, Servers, Standard desktops, and cabling infrastructure to all regional offices and remote locations owned by Air Liquide across the United States. Approximately 247 locations were linked via a Wide Area Network to the U.S. Corporate facility in Houston, Texas.

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