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After print media, radio, and television, the digital realm has entered the arena as the ultimate medium. It's methods are challenging conventional ideas, and delivering the most current, dynamic, useful, and extensive information directly to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. The potential is just beginning to be understood, and it is incredible.

Advertisers have long known that there is no stronger connection to a customer than emotion. People are more likely to make a purchase from an emotional perspective than from an intellectual one. Whether your goal is to generate revenue or disseminate information, making the emotional connection with your users will achieve these goals. The successful Web site not only delivers the goods, but provides a satisfying experience that adds value to the user.

Site visitors come to the Web with a goal. The ease with which they find what they want will determine how often they return and whether they refer others. Avoiding user frustration by structuring information intuitively is the most important foundation in developing a Web site. Creativity is effected by structure, and other limitations are dictated by the user's access to plug-ins, bandwidth, etc. The visual elements of the site must be well thought out and consistent. Color, imagery, and the use of varied font styles are not only ways to communicate data, but have the potential to elicit the desired reaction from the site visitor. All three are powerful tools, and should reflect the message being communicated.

If a Web site is developed to effectively convey information and permit intuitive use, the viewer will be more apt to stay, read, browse, or purchase. In choosing elements of Web development, consideration of all the facets will send a message that is understood and appreciated.

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