Our profile and impressive certifications and successes

Network solutions, repairs, Y2K compliance, and hardware and software support


XperNet Services, Inc. success as a complete computer service company is attributable to our focus on one key word that many others too often forget - Service.

Having highly trained engineers and technicians who stay abreast of the latest technological advances (many times before they're even rolled out) is certainly critical, but at XperNet Services we know that having these technical skills only positions us for success.

Real success happens when we can provide our expertise in a way that makes it easy for our clients to take advantage of our skills and knowledge. And we provide it on our clients' timetable, not ours. In short, XperNet services provides exceptional service.

As a "complete computer services company", XperNet Services can meet all your computer related needs - kind of a one-stop shop for any size business - all the way up to the development of computer-based infrastructures and business plans for both large and small corporations.

Our Mission -

"To provide our clients with the latest in integrated system technologies - from project development, to implemetation, to training - we provide full-service solution development"

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